Why Are Fishing Lures So Expensive? (Explained!)

Compared to many years ago, the price of fishing lures appears to have jumped up. Many manufacturers of fishing lures have also upgraded their design, features, and of course, the price tags on the lures, making them so expensive.

In this article, you will find the reasons behind the expensive prices attached to these fishing lures and whether or not they are worth the high cost.

Here’s Why Fishing Lures Are Expensive

We can trace the expensive prices attached to fishing lures to the fact that the quality of fishing lures has improved compared to some decades ago.

Also, there is an increase in demand for different types of fishing lures. Many fishers own a collection of lures that can serve them for many years without needing to purchase a new one. Excess demand tends to cause a price increase, which increases suppliers’ output.

What Makes Fishing Lure Price So High?

From inflation to higher quality, many factors contribute to fishing lures being so expensive. Here are 5 factors you should know that cause fishing lures to be expensive;

1. Inflation

Inflation is the general price increase. This results in a higher cost of living, and you have to pay a higher price because of a decrease in purchasing power of money.

Although the level of inflation varies from city to city and from country to country, you would notice that there has been a decrease in the purchasing value of money when compared to about 20 or 30 years ago.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics Commerce price index, recent prices are about 3.41 times higher than average prices since 1980.

The gist of these is that the price of fishing lures now cannot compare to the cost of fishing lures some decades ago. Since there is a general price increase, you can only expect the price of fishing lures to increase too.

2. Government Regulations. 

The government often controls the prices of goods (including fishing lures),  their quantity, and the quality produced.

The reason is usually to help businesses thrive and also for the protection of consumers.

However, the truth is that these regulations can increase the price of fishing lures. 

This is because compliance with the regulations can be costly. The higher cost will add up to the price paid by fishing lure purchasers.

Government regulations often lead fishing tackle manufacturers to increase the prices of fishing lures due to expensive compliance.

3. Quality Of The Fishing Lures

As technology advances, there has been an increase in demand for fishing lures with better quality.

Better quality lures come with better balance, durability, quality hook, and of course, higher price.

So if you are wondering why some fishing lures are expensive, check the quality, and you will discover that they are higher and better than cheaper ones in most cases. Are they worth the price? You will soon find out in this article.

4. Expensive Raw Materials.

Ask a tackle manufacturer why fishing lures are so expensive, and you may find out that the price of wood, silicon, resins, and other raw materials used in producing them has skyrocketed.

Even in 2021, the World Bank’s Commodity Market Outlook revealed that they expect the price of raw materials to average 10% higher compared to 2020.

5. The Website Where You Purchase Your Fishing Lures

In some cases, an increase in the price may not result from expensive raw materials, excess demand, quality, inflation, or regulations. It may simply result from an increase in price on the particular website you choose to purchase.

You may find some fishing lures available at an affordable price on a particular website and find the same lures available at an inflated price on another website. 

Are Expensive Fishing Lures Worth The Money?

With expensive lures available here and there, you may start to question if indeed these lures are worth the money spent on them. Well, this depends.

When Expensive Fishing Lures Are Worth The Money

Are you wondering if expensive fishing lures are worth the money spent in terms of their durability and quality? Simply, Yes!

Don’t forget that you pay for the quality of material used, balance, realistic color and paint, and other special features cheap fishing lures won’t offer you.

If you are someone that loves to collect lures and want something more fancy, durable, and rare or that speaks of craftsmanship, they will be worth it for you as long as you can easily afford them.

When Expensive Fishing Lures Are Not Worth The Money

On the other hand, if you are wondering if these expensive fishing lures are worth the prices in terms of increasing your catch, it may not be worth it.

It is often said that expensive and fancy lures work better to lure you to them than lure the fish to them. You shouldn’t be surprised to discover that even cheaper lures will perform the same fish-catching job as expensive lures.

In fishing, experience and skill are always ahead of highly expensive lures.

Why Are Roman-Made Lures So Expensive?

The popular Roman-made lures are expensive because of the time that goes into making them. For instance, it takes about 12 hours to make just one Roman-made mother swimbait, and only about 300 of these are made in one month.

They are handmade, with a unique glide and the ability to seriously draw a fish’s attention. All these factors contribute to their expensive prices.

What is the average price of fishing lures?

The prices of fishing lures broadly vary from cheap to very expensive lures like the Jarmo Collectible Lure Balsa Minnow worth a hundred dollars. The price also depends on the manufacturer.

The average price you will get fishing lures anywhere is between $1 to $15. This price range is, however, subject to change.

Based on the model you choose and, in particular, the size of the fishing lure, you can expect the price to go up.

Are Fishing Lures Valuable?

Fishing lures, particularly older ones, are usually highly valued because of their quality and age. The most valuable ones are those made from wood with glass eyes. While some may cost a hundred dollars or less, very rare antique fishing lures are priced over a thousand dollars.

If you have a tackle box full of old fishing lures, you might be lucky to have one that costs a lot, particularly brands like Pflueger or Heddon.

Is It Cheaper To Make Fishing Lures?

Making your fishing lures can be less expensive and allows you to fish on a budget. 

Most of the tools you will need to make simple fishing lures are inexpensive and readily available. If some are not available, you can easily find a substitute. You will need tools like a tape measure, roofing knife, small paintbrush, and so on. 

As for the materials, depending on the kind of fishing life you want to make, you may need wood, wood sealant, paint, small eyelets, propellers, and so on.

However, making a more complex fishing lure may not be any cheaper since you may buy special parts.


The truth is that not all fishing lures are expensive. Older models are pretty cheap, but newer ones that are being made are now becoming expensive.

Fish are becoming familiar with old lures used over and over again. This is why the newer ones are made differently to entice the fish better, but the price to pay for them can be expensive.

Nevertheless, expensive lures should not hinder you from enjoying fishing. You can always fish with a cheaper lure that would do a good job or make some yourself with inexpensive tools at home.


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