How To Carry a 2-Piece Fishing Rod? (Explained!)

Two-piece fishing rods, like any other fishing rod, are fragile. Therefore, it is essential to be thoughtful about how to carry them.

This article provides an insight into how to pack and carry a two-piece fishing rod. You will also find if you can carry on a fishing rod.

Here Is How To Carry A Two-piece Fishing Rod:

To carry a two-piece fishing rod, you need to take the rod apart. Separate the individual section of the rod but keep them together with rubber bands or velcro straps. Ensure to pack the rod well with suitable materials like a rod sleeve or a rod case.

Can You Carry On A Two-piece Fishing Rod?

You can carry a two-piece fishing rod on a plane as a carry-on. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) classifies fishing rods as items you can carry on.

However, it is unlikely that your two-piece rod exceeding 2 feet when packed will be allowed on an airline as a carry-on.

This is because the carry-on limitation of most airlines is about 22 to 24 inches in length.

Here is a list of popular airlines and their carry-on size specifications.

AirlinesCarry-on size limitation 
Delta22 × 14 × 9 inches
Southwest24 × 16 × 9 inches
American Airlines22 × 14 × 9 inches
United Airlines22 × 14 × 9 inches
Alaska 22 × 14 × 9 inches
Sun Country Airlines24 × 16 × 11 inches
Allegiant Air22 × 14 × 9 inches
Frontier24 × 16 × 10 inches
Hawaiian Airlines 22 × 14 × 9 inches
JetBlue Airways22 × 14 × 9 inches
Spirit Airlines 22 × 18 × 10 inches

How Do You Keep A Two-piece Fishing Rod Together?

If you want to keep your two-piece fishing rod together, there are several materials you can use. For instance:

  • Fishing rod belt

Fishing rod belts are used to tie fishing rods together. They are strong elastic belts that can stretch to your desired length. 

Some of these belts have velcro buckles or eyes and hooks to secure your rods in place.

  • Rubber bands

Rubber bands are a cheaper alternative to keep your two-piece rod together. You can easily get rubber bands around the house or in stores. 

However, the problem with using these bands is that they will wear out over time. Also, they can break unexpectedly. So it is a good idea to keep a couple of extra rubber bands with you.

  • Velcro straps

Using velcro straps is another convenient and effective means to keep the individual sections of your two-piece rod together.

Put the two sections of the rod together. Then wrap the rod with small pieces of velcro straps at the top, middle, and bottom areas. 

  • Rod sleeve

Rod sleeves serve two functions. They help keep your two-piece rod together, and they will also protect your rod. 

You need to wear the rod sleeve over your separated two-piece rod like a sock. Then tie the rod sleeve at the end, so it does not fall off.

How Do You Pack A Two-piece Rod? 

If you want to carry your fishing rod from one place to another, you should pack the rod well. Below are steps to guide you in properly packing your rod.

  1. Take the rod apart

This is the first step you should take when packing a two-piece rod. 

Separate the upper section of the rod from the lower section at the ferrule point. A ferrule is an area where separate sections of the rod fit together.

As easy as this step may seem, a lot could go wrong if you do not do it properly. Do not use the rod guide as a lever to pull out the rod. Doing this can damage the guide.

  1. Keep the two-piece rod together.

It is essential to keep the two-piece rod together in place. This will reduce the chances of damage to individual sections of the rod.

One way to tie your rod together is to use a fishing rod belt specifically designed to hold a two-piece rod together. 

Another cheaper alternative is to use rubber bands to tie the rod together at the end and the bottom area.

  1. Keep the rod in a rod case or tube

You can keep your two-piece rod in a rod case designed to protect your rod from accidental damage. Also, the case’s straps make carrying your rod around a lot easier. 

However, if you do not want to break your bank on a good quality rod case, you can pack your two-piece rod in heavy-duty cardboard that usually comes with fishing rods when you purchase them.

Also, you can make your rod case with a 3″ PVC pipe and PVC edge cap. Ensure you fill in the PVC pipe with bubble wraps to prevent your rod from moving inside the pipe.

If you are carrying the rod in your car, then a simple rod sleeve can be enough to protect your rod.

  1. Pack the reels separately

It would be best not to pack the rod reels together with the rod. Instead, wrap the reel separately and keep it in a box or bag.

Fishing rods have fragile parts and can be pretty expensive. Therefore, packing the rods properly will save your two-piece rod from potential damage and save you from spending extra money on repairs. 

How Do You Transport A Two-piece Rod?

How you transport a two-piece rod will depend on what means you want to use to transport it. Here is how to transport the rod through different transport means.

Transporting a two-piece rod in a car:

You can either transport the rod inside the car or outside on the roof rack.

  • You can make your own car fishing rod holder with bungee cords to transport the rod inside the car. 

Twist two bungee cords and hook them horizontally on the front grab handles at the door side of the car close to the ceiling. Attach another set of two twisted bungee cords to the back grab handles.

Then cover your two-piece rod with a rod sleeve and insert it through one hole of the twisted bungee cords at the front and back.

  • To transport your rod outside the car, you can purchase a roof rack designed to hold fishing rods or make your roof rack. 

Ensure you secure your rod on the roof rack to prevent it from moving around. You can use two bungee cords to keep the rod in place.

Transporting a two-piece rod on an airplane:

If you want to transport a two-piece rod on an airplane, you should first check with the airline to be sure if a fishing rod is allowed on the plane. Most airlines allow fishing rods as checked baggage or carry-on depending on their regulations. 

Then take apart the rod, including the reel. Keep the two-piece rod sections together with a fishing rod belt, rubber bands, or velcro straps.

Pack the rod properly with a rod case, a PVC pipe, or heavy-duty cardboard. If you are using heavy-duty cardboard or a PVC pipe, pad the interior part with bubble wraps to keep the rod in place while in transit.

Transporting a two-piece rod through a shipping company:

If you want to ship the rod, make sure you first pack your fishing rod properly. Next, decide the shipping company you want to use.

If you are wondering how much it costs to ship a fishing rod, you should know the weight of your packed two-piece rod and the distance to the delivery destination. 

Knowing the rod’s weight and destination’s length will give you an insight into the likely shipping price based on the standard charge rate of the shipping company.


Two-piece fishing rods are pretty easy to carry compared to one-piece rods. If you are thinking of transporting your rod but have limited space, then two-piece rods can come in handy. 

Taking apart the two sections of the rod will reduce the rod’s length and the stress of transporting. 

However, it is best to keep the two-piece rod together to reduce the chances of damage to individual sections of the rod. You can keep the rod together by using velcro straps, fishing rod belts, or even rubber bands.