How To Attach A Fishing Rod To A Backpack? (Easy Steps!)

Fishing backpacks are not only great for organizing your fishing tackles. The backpacks also make moving your rod easier when you attach the rod to the bag.

This article explains how you can attach your fishing rod to a backpack.

Here Is How To Attach A Fishing Rod To A Backpack:

The best way to attach a fishing rod to a backpack is to use the straps or belts that come with the backpack. Also, you can use a DIY rod holder fixed on a backpack. The DIY rod holder works as effectively as rod holders that come with fishing backpacks.

How Do You Carry A Fishing Rod In A Backpack?

Carrying a fishing rod in a backpack is easy. If you have a backpack with a rod holder, then simply put the rod in the rod holder. 

Often, you will find a strap-like belt on the backpack. Unfasten the belt, tighten it around your rod, and secure the belt well.

Also, you can fix a separate rod holder on the backpack and attach your rod to this holder. 

If you want to find out how to attach a fishing rod holder to your backpack, read on. The steps for this procedure are well explained below in this article.

What Is A Good Backpack For A Fishing Rod?

What makes a good backpack for your fishing rod includes the quality of the backpack’s material.

In addition, a good backpack for your fishing rod is comfortable with a padded cushion at the shoulder straps and back area.

Packbacks are great for keeping your fishing gear safe when you want to go fishing. Apart from coolers and drinking water tanks, these backpacks also have rod holders.

Some great backpacks with fishing rod holders include:

This Kastking backpack is made from high-quality plastic. Aside from the 34 liters capacity storage, the backpack Also has twin rod holders that will help you secure your rods well while in transit.

Also, for ultimate back support, the waterproof backpack has a cushioned pad in the area where your back rests. So carrying your rod around will be safer and will also be more comfortable.

The Rodeel bag is made from high-quality polyester. On one side of the bag, you will find your two-rod rope. 

One of the reasons this backpack is a great option is the weight. The fishing tackle backpack is lightweight. Therefore, it becomes easier to carry the bag even after adding your fishing rods.

Also, it is padded at the shoulder straps and the back area for comfort.

Ghosthorn manufactures this backpack with high-quality nylon material. You can carry your fishing rod in different styles like a backpack, crossbow bag, or handbag.

The bag also has two-rod belts on one side. You can get this backpack in black, khaki, jungle camouflage, and incognito. 

Plusinno backpack is also lightweight and made with high-end nylon. The bag’s large shoulder strap makes carrying the bag comfortable. It is available in only black camouflage. 

Also, the backpack has a one-rod belt on one side. The rod belt does a great job of tightening your rod in place.

You can style this backpack in a variety of styles, for example, as a shoulder backpack, a handbag, or a chest bag.

The bag has straps on the frame, making it possible to attach your rod to it and enjoy hassle-free rod transport.

Fishing backpacks are available in different sizes, qualities, and prices. 

Also, the bags have different carrying capacities. If you like to take at least two fishing rods, you may prioritize carrying capacity when choosing a good fishing rod. 

How To Attach Rod Holder To Backpack?

Attaching a fishing rod holder to a backpack is relatively easy. You are good to go as long as you have the required tools. The tools needed include:

  • A PVC pipe
  • A PVC pipe cutter
  • Chicago screw and bolt
  • A drilling machine 
  • A plastic bottle
  • A knife
  • A table to work on

You can purchase an already made fishing rod holder and attach it to the backpack. You can also make a rod holder out of a PVC pipe. 

The steps below illustrate how to attach a fishing rod holder to a backpack from scratch:

  1. Prepare the tools you will need. Get a backpack with a compression strap at the side.
  1. Cut the PVC pipe to a shorter length with a PVC pipe cutter.
  1. Clamp the PVC pipe down on a table and cut out a slit on one side of the pipe. The slit will make your reel sit comfortably when you fit the rod inside the pipe.

Also, you can cut the slit out about five to six inches long. 

  1. Smoothen out the edge of the cut-out slit. Trim excess plastic with a plier. 
  1. Then place the rod on the backpack and hold it in place with the compression strap.
  1. Pass a drilling machine through the open slit area of the pipe. Then drill a hole from the pipe through the backpack. Ensure that the hole protrudes from the backpack’s material.
  1. Remove the PVC pipe from the compression strap. After, drill another hole at the center of the pipe.
  1. Fix the pipe again to the backpack and hold it down with the compression strap. 
  1. Cut out a flat piece from the plastic bottle and drill another hole through the plastic. Then place the plastic piece on the inside of the backpack’s drilled hole. Let the holes you drill on the plastic and the backpack stay together in the same position.
  1. Next, use a Chicago screw to pin down the plastic piece, the backpack, and the PVC at the hole around the slit area. The PVC pipe should now be secured to the backpack. 
  1. Also, at the point where you drilled a hole in the middle of the PVC pipe, place the drilling machine through that same hole. Then drill down to pierce the backpack.
  1. Bolt down the area you just drilled with the PVC pipe and the backpack. 
  1. Place your fishing rod inside the PVC pipe, et voila! You have a fishing rod holder attached to a backpack. 

If you choose to buy the rod holder from a store, you can still follow the above steps. 

You just have to skip the PVC cutting part. Go straight to drilling holes on the backpack through the holes already made on the rod holder.

You can check this video on attaching a DIY fishing rod holder to a backpack:

How Do You Carry Multiple Fishing Poles On A Backpack?

The best way to carry multiple fishing rods on a backpack is to get a backpack with multiple fishing rod holders. 

A lot of fishing backpacks are designed to carry more than one fishing rod.

However, if your backpack can only contain one fishing rod or none, you can build separate rod holders and attach them to the bag.

Follow the simple steps explained above to build and attach your PVC rod holders to your backpack. That way, you can carry multiple fishing rods in your backpack. 


Backpacks are great to transport your fishing rod around. However, the bags do not fully protect your rod from damage. 

As much as parts of the rod are still exposed, there is a chance of damage to those parts.

Whether you are carrying your fishing rod on a motorcycle, a backpack, or a car, the most important thing is to be very careful with the rod.