How Many Lures Do You Need? (Here’s What I Learned!)

Many fishers own a lot of lures in their tackle boxes but end up not using a lot of them. That often raises the question of how many lures are needed.

If you are looking for an answer to the number of fishing lures you need, you have found yourself the right article.

Here Is How Many Fishing Lures You Need

While you need more than one fishing lure, there is no specific number of lures you need. You just need several lures that work for your target fish and a few extra to replace them in case they get lost. 

How Many Lures Do You Take Fishing With You?

There is no precise number of lures you have to take fishing with you. It all depends on your preference and how much you can bring along, considering the available space. 

You can take only six or even as many as 100 lures

To determine just how many lures would need to take along with you when going to fish, you have to consider these factors below,

  1. Your location for fishing

If you are fishing locally within your region, you may not need to take as many lures as you would want to take with you when traveling out of your region or country to fish.

It is always better to take as many lures as you can when traveling elsewhere because you really can’t tell exactly how much you would eventually need. Also, you would want to take a variety of lures that is suitable for different fishes.

If you are traveling to a different environment to fish, especially by plane, endeavor to first check with the airline’s regulations. This is to be sure if fishing lures are allowed on the plane and also to know if you’ve not exceeded the prescribed weight for your box where you keep your fishing lures if the airline specifies any. 

If that’s the case, then that would limit the number of lures you take with you.

  1.  Available storage place

Again, what often determines the number of lures many anglers take with them. 

While there is no crime in taking as many lures as you want to take, your storage space may limit your option.

If you carry just one tackle box with you, the number of lures you would take with you will be limited by how many of them can fit in the box.

Generally, you can carry fishing lures in about three to six boxes. This number may be more or less all depending on your preference and available option.

  1. The type of fish biting your lure

As trivial as this may seem, it is worth considering. If you have some fish species like pinfish or pufferfish in the water where you fish, you may frequently reel up fishing lures that are half-eaten with no fish caught on them.

This occurrence is because these species, particularly pufferfish, tend to bite the lures off at the tail and behind the hooks.

You would have to bring more lures to replace the damaged ones in that instance. 

Alternatively, you can move to an area with fewer of these species. You can also take more hard plastic or spoons that these fishes will not destroy easily.

  1. Rocky areas or other areas likely to snag your lures

If you are fishing in an area with large masses of rock, it is best to take more fishing lures. There are higher chances of lures snagging in the rocks and getting lost, therefore requiring you to use more lures.

Also, take extra lures in other environments that can cause lure snagging in between the wood. 

Nevertheless, if you keep losing lures, you can minimize the loss by knowing exactly why you keep losing lures and how to avoid them.

What Do You Use To Store Lures?

There are many options available out there to store your lures. One of the most popular options is to use a tackle box and tackle bag. 

Tackle boxes and tackle bags are made in different shapes, depths, sizes, and designs to suit your needs. These tackle boxes usually come with compartments to store your lures and other tackle. 

However, if you have one that doesn’t have a storage compartment, you can get a separate utility box.

Utility boxes are also popular options for many anglers to store their lures. There are made in different sizes and designs and with compartments to keep your lures. 

You’ll find many brands in the market, such as Plano, Rapala, Kastking, and Flambeau tackle boxes.

Some utility boxes are waterproof to extend the life of your lures by preventing water from entering.  Also, some have adjustable compartments,  giving you the liberty to set it to the size of your lures.

Whether soft or hard plastic, the sort of lure you have determines how you should keep it.

  • Soft plastic lures

There are tackle boxes specially designed for storing soft plastics lures. You can also store them in their original bags or Ziploc bags. Ziploc bags are not expensive and will not break your bank.

If you want your soft plastics to last longer, It is recommended not to store them in a hard plastic tackle box as they can get damaged and melt. Also, keep these lures away from direct sunlight and don’t store them when they are damp

  • Hard plastic lures

You can store your hard plastic lures in a hard plastic tackle box. Keep water away from where you store them to prevent them from rusting quickly and causing them to last less long than they should.

Invest in a good quality tackle box that is waterproof. Also, before storing your hard plastic lures, ensure you wash them with fresh water and dry them properly

How long fishing lures last is, to an extent, determined by how you store them. So make sure you store yours properly.

How Many Lures Do You Lose?

While it is normal to lose lures, the number of lures you lose largely depends on several factors, the major reason being that your lure keeps snagging underwater.

To minimize the number of lures you lose, you have to identify what causes you to keep losing lures. Once you’ve identified them, simply take precautionary steps to avoid them, and there will be a reduced number of lures you lose.

How Many Lures Do You Take On A Boat?

The precise number of lures you should take on a boat does not exist. You can take as much as you prefer, and as much as the space on your boat allows you.

Even though some people like to take a whole collection of lures in many boxes on their boats, others prefer to go with just a few selected ones that have been working well for them.


The bottom line is that there is no specific number of lures you need or a precise number of lures to take with you while fishing. 

It depends on your budget, available storage space, and several other factors. 

Some anglers may choose to go with just ten or fewer lures, while others take three or more boxes full of lures.

While there is no precise number of lures needed, the truth is that you don’t need so much compared to the amount stocked by many anglers.