How Long Will Fishing Rods Last?

Fishing rods, just like any other fishing gear, will not last forever. At some point, they would eventually wear out.

If you want to know how long fishing rods can last, you have found the right article. 

Here Is How Long Fishing Rods Last

Fishing rods can last for many decades. They can last for as long as 50 years or more if properly handled and well cared for. However, if you are not taking good care of your rods or fishing aggressively, you may expect the lifespan of your rod to be shorter than expected. 

How Long Do Fiberglass Fishing Rods Last?

Fiberglass fishing rods are durable, slow-action rods and less expensive when compared to the popular granite rods, and weigh less than bamboo rods.

Fiberglass fishing rods are popular among many anglers because they are pretty easy to maintain. Also, they stretch well, and while you are fighting a hooked fish, they are less likely to break.

However, unlike granite rods, they have little sensitivity and low power.

Generally, a fiberglass fishing rod kept in good condition can last more than 60 years. Many fiberglass fishing rods have lived for decades and are still functional.  

Although you may have to replace some parts like the handles and guides over time, the pole component of the rod, also called the rod blank, is likely to last longer.

Another reason why a fiberglass fishing rod can last long is because of its flexibility. It is made from glass fiber, which can stretch up to three times more than carbon glass. 

If a fish gets hooked, it puts a lot of pressure on the fish. With this, you will lose fewer fish, and your rod is less likely to break, which translates to a long-lasting rod.

However, if your fiberglass fishing rod is exposed to other physical stress unrelated to fishing, this can contribute to it not lasting long enough. Therefore, you would want to avoid rough handling it, stepping on it, or using it to unsnag lures underwater.

Do Old Fishing Rods Break?

Old fishing rods that have been used well and not been subjected to much fishing and non-fishing-related abuse will not break.

However, how long an old fishing rod will last before breaking is dependent on several factors. Some of the factors are

1. Frequency of usage

When a fishing rod, whether old or relatively new, has gone through so many times of usage, it starts to wear. The durability decreases slowly and gradually with every use.

After a while, when the old rod can no longer withstand fishing manipulation, it is bound to break. However, breaking can take a while to occur.

2. The type of material 

The material used to construct old fishing rods can determine if they will break easily. Here are some of the commonly used materials and of they would break easily,

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a tropical wooden plant with hard stems. It is commonly used to make furniture, flooring, and many other implements, including fishing rods.

Bamboo has been used in making fishing rods for a very long time. Many fishing rods in ancient times were made from steel, ash wood, or bamboo. So many old fishing rods will most likely be made from bamboo.

Bamboo is pretty strong. It is about three times stronger than wood. Bamboo rods are elastic and can deal with manipulation that would otherwise cause rod breakage. 

Therefore, an old bamboo rod that is still kept in good condition is unlikely to break.

  • Fiberglass 

Fiberglass, also called glass fiber, is a material made from tiny fibers of glass woven together. 

Fiberglass is also used to make fishing rods. Although bamboo rods have been in existence way before making fiberglass rods, fiberglass was introduced in making rods back in the 1940s. Therefore, older fiberglass rods would probably have been in existence for several decades. 

Old fishing rods made from fiberglass are durable and won’t easily break because they are resilient. They can bend far before breaking.

  • Graphite 

Graphite Fishing rods became famous in 1970 and started competing with fiberglass fishing rods. They have better sensitivity than fiberglass rods and are more expensive.

Whether an old graphite rod will break depends on how often it has been used. Although graphite rods are strong, they are however stiff. When they bend so far, they stand a chance to break

3. The quality of the material used

The quality of fishing gear contributes to how long it will last. Fishing gear with good quality is more durable. 

If your old fishing rod is made from good quality materials, the chances are that it won’t break as easy as ones with lesser qualities.

Is It Worth Repairing A Fishing Rod?

If a precious fishing rod or any other rod gets damaged and you are not ready to give it up, it will be worth repairing. However, you will have to consider the extent of damage to the rod.

There are cases where the damage is minimal, and the rod can be fixed easily. For example, if the tip of the rod breaks, it can be repaired, but your rod may not be as sensitive as it used to be.

Also, you can easily replace damaged guides and handles.

However, in cases where fixing the rod would affect your fishing experience, such as causing errors in casting, it may not be worth repairing. It would be better to get a new one and enjoy a better fishing experience. 

How Do You Keep A Fishing Rod From Breaking?

Keeping your fishing rods from breaking requires some effort from you. Below are four tips that will reduce the chances of your fishing rod breaking

  1. Avoid high sticking. High sticking happens when you raise the fishing rod far up vertically when fighting fish. 

When this happens, it starts to concentrate the pressure on one part of the rod instead of distributing it and can cause the rod to break into two.

  1. Avoid using your rod to unsnag lures. In an attempt to avoid losing lures, you might be tempted to use the tip of your rod to dislodge a snagged lure that can cause the tip of your rod to break.
  2. Store your fishing rods properly. When they are not in use, keep them in a fishing rod holder like a PVC tube.

Also, keep them in a place at room temperature.

  1. Don’t place your rod in places that would expose them to unnecessary manipulation, like being stepped upon.


If you want your fishing rod to last for a very long time, you have to pay attention to how you are handling it at any time. 

Although quality matters in determining how long fishing rods last, how you take care of them matters more. Even if you have the best quality fishing rod, you may have to say goodbye to the rod quickly if you don’t take good care of it.