What Fishing Lures Are Made in the USA? (9 Brands)

There are many fishing lure brands here and there in the market, and you may wish to identify those that are specifically made in the United States.

There are a lot of fishing lures manufactured by different companies, from big companies to small private family-owned businesses.

Fishing Lures Are Made in the USA

Here Are Fishing Lures Made In The USA

Fishing lures made in the USA include Taylor Man’s Lures, Thomas Lures, Rattle Head Baits, Daedevle, Meps, and others. Below is a list of some fishing lures manufacturers in the USA (in no particular order) and some of their fishing lures.

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures

This brand produces a variety of handmade lures, unique jigs, spinnerbaits, and buzz baits in a diversity of colors and different designs.

Taylor Man’s Custom Lures are hand-painted and finished with custom-designed colors that blend well into the natural environment.

Some of the popular lures made by this company are;

  1. Taylor Man’s Custom Bass Fishing Jigs

They make a variety of bass fishing jigs with stainless steel wires. They come in colors carefully selected to imitate the look of natural prey. The custom bass fishing jigs include;

  • T-Man’s Pro Series™ Silicon Flipping Jigs
  • Taylor Man’s Puggle Finesse Football Jigs
  • Taylor Man’s Pro Series™ Living Rubber Football Jigs
  • Taylor Man’s Seeker™ Swim Jigs
  • ZM Series™ Heavy Wire Straight Shank Hook Football Jigs
  • The Reciprocrator™ Bladed Football Jigs
  • SnaggleProof™ Weedless Jigs
  • Hawg Seeker™ Mop jig
  • Perfect Swimmer™ Swim Jig 

The price range on their official website is between $5.29 and $7.99

  1. Taylor Man’s Custom Buzzbaits

The buzz baits of this brand are hand-painted with hand-tied wire-wrapped bio-flex silicon skirts. They have a wedge shape keel design and a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook that is very sharp. They make 4 designs which are;

  • Taylor Man’s Provoker Buzzbait
  • Claymore Clacker™ Buzzbait
  • Pond Skater™ Buzzbait
  • Water Strider™ Buzzbait

The Taylor Man’s Custom Buzzbaits cost $9.99 each on their official website.

  1. Taylor Man’s Custom Spinnerbaits

They are handmade to imitate the appearance and movement of baitfish and in colors that mimic natural prey. They include;

  • Taylor Man’s Kaiser Blade™ InLine Spinner
  • ScatterShad™FH-5 Spinnerbait
  • Super Spin Elite™ Shallow Cup Spinnerbait
  • Winner Shad™ Spinnerbait
  • SwingBlade™ Spinnerbait™ 
  • Night Spins™ Night Time Spinnerbait

The prices vary from $8.99 to $15.99.

Thomas Lures

Thomas lures have been made in the USA as far back as the 1940s by Richard Shubert. The high-quality fishing lures are made and sold at reasonable prices.

Over 70 years ago, Thomas lures were famous for their unique spoon and spinner lures made.

The fishing lures made by Thomas lured are;

  1. Thomas Buoyant Minnow

It comes in different colors, patterns, and sizes and is popularly known as deadly lures for salmon and trout. It lures these fish to it by imitating the movement of a fleeing baitfish.

Sizes available are

  • 1-½” weighing 1/6 oz
  • 1-¾” weighing 1/4 oz
  • 2-½” weighing 1/2 oz
  • 3-½” weighing 5/8 oz
  1.  Speedy Shiner

Also made in different colors and sizes, the longest being 4 inches. It is lightweight and can be used for any game fish. It is manufactured from solid brass, and stainless steel split rings with a highly reflective surface that attracts fish.

Sizes available are

  • 2-½” weighing 1/6 oz
  • 3-¼” weighing 1/4 oz
  • 4″ weighing 3/8 oz
  1.  Thomas Cyclone

This spoon lure is effective in freshwater for many game fish. It has a highly reflective surface made from solid brass.

Sizes available are

  • 1-½” weighing 1/6 oz 
  • 1-¾” weighing 1/4 oz
  • 2″ weighing 3/8 oz
  1.  Thomas Eels Wiggler

It is a small lure painted in bright colors popular for ice jigging. It has double eyes visible from the top and works well with small game fish

Sizes available are

  • 1″ weighing 1/8 oz
  • 1-¼” weighing 3/8 oz
  1.  Thomas Spinners

The Thomas spinners are made in a variety of color tones and sizes. They include

  • Thomas E.P Spinn
  • Double spin
  • Special spin
  • Whirlfish
  • Fighting fish

Unlike the spoon lures under this brand, the Thomas spinners come in limited colors and limited sizes.

  1.  X-Series

The fishing lures made under the X-series are baitfish imitators with two-tone colors and a high reflective flash. Most are used for ice jigging and attracting all types of gamefish. 

The fishing lures under the X-series include:

  • Thomas Little Tiger Minnow
  • Rough Ride
  • Thomas Colorado Minnow
  • Thomas E.P. Spoon

Rattle Head Baits

Rattle Head™ Baits is a made in USA brand that sells different kinds of spinnerbaits, jigs, and buzz baits.

 The fishing lures made by Rattle Head includes;

  • Rattle Head Single Colorado Spinner Bait
  • Rattle Head Buzz Bait
  • Rattle Head Arkie Style Jig
  • Rattle Head Football Jig

Rattle Head™ spinners baits and buzz baits cost about $9.99. The jigs fall within the price range of $5.29 and $5.55

Dardevle By Eppinger

This is a US brand and manufactures the world-famous Red Eyes, Dardevles, Evil Eyes, Sparkle Tails, Buel Spinners, and Rex spoon fishing lures.

The lures by this manufacturer come in different colors, designs, and prices.

Some of their popular lure designs are

  • Dardevle needless 1oz
  • Dardevle lmp 2/5 oz
  • Cop-E-Cat lmp heavy 3/4oz
  • Notangle Spinner 3/4oz
  • Red-eye wiggler 1oz
  • Huskies Devle 3 1/4oz
  • Spin’N Rex Spoon 1/2oz
  • Dardevle kicker 1oz
  • Red Eye Wiggler Muskie 2½oz

The price range of most fishing lures manufactured by Eppinger is between $3.58 to $34.99


Mepps have made over 5000 handmade spoons and spinners in the US. 

They include;

  • USA Aglia
  • Bronze Slammer
  • Aglia BRITE
  • Aglia Streamer
  • Black Fury
  • Comet Mino
  • Crawler Harness
  • Flying C
  • XD
  • Ultra Lites
  • Thunder Bug
  • Spin Flies

The lures made by Mepps are hand-painted and manufactured in different sizes and colors. 

The prices of the Mepps lures are between $3.95 and $26.45

Huddleston Deluxe

Huddleston Deluxe manufactures small custom fish lures in Las Vegas, USA.

Their swimbait fishing lures are handmade with various life-like designs and colors.

They have a long list of fishing lures displayed on their website. Some of them are,

  • UV Night Stalker
  • Phantom Golden Shiner
  • BlueGill Weedless phantom
  • BlueGill Weedless Albino
  • BlueGill Silver Green
  •  BlueGill Crappie

Their prices range from about $9.25 to $85.99

Bay De Noc Lures

Bay De Noc lure company, established in 1955, are manufacturers of the Swedish Pimple and many other fishing lures with various designs and patterns in the United States.

Fishing lures made by this company include

  • Swedish Pimple Jig Lures
  • Vinglas Jig Lures
  • Floor Spoon lures
  • Laker-Taker Spoon lures
  • Flutter Laker Takers Spoon lures


There are so many fishing lures made in the USA and to write a list of each of them in one short article is almost impossible.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers have been listed in this article, including some of the fishing lures they’ve produced in the US.

While some of these manufacturers use materials made in the USA to make their fishing lures, some may use materials, part of which are made outside of the United States, but the lures are assembled in the States.