How to Carry a Fishing Rod on a Motorcycle? (Helpful Tips!)

Like other means of transport, you can also use a motorcycle to transport your fishing rod.

In this article, you will learn how you can carry a fishing rod on a motorcycle. You will also find out if it is legal to use a motorcycle to carry your rod.

Carry a Fishing Rod on a Motorcycle

Here Is How To Carry A Fishing Rod On A Motorcycle:

You can carry your fishing rod on a motorcycle by using a rod holder. When fixed to a part of your motorcycle, the rod holder will help keep your rod in place. Also, you can attach your fishing rod directly with just velcro straps. But there is a risk of damaging the rod guides.

Can You Attach A Fishing Rod To Your Bike?

You can attach a fishing rod to a bike. Collapsible pipes are a lot easier to attach. 

The length of a longer one-piece rod may pose problems when attaching to your bike. But if you have to attach the one-piece rod, you should keep it in an upright position on the bike. 

Still, there are chances that the rod will not withstand the pressure of the wind and stay in place.

Is It Legal To Carry A Fishing Rod On A Bike?

In many countries around the world, it is legal to carry a fishing rod on a bike.

Some countries specify circumstances where carrying a fishing rod on a bike will not be acceptable.

For example, in Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria, it is illegal to carry a fishing rod on the road when:

  • The fishing rod protrudes from the bullbar.
  • There are more than four rods on your bike.
  • You place the rods on the left side of the bike.
  • The rod blocks your motorcycle’s light.

If you want to carry your rod on a bike, it is best to first check with the domestic laws of your area. That way, you will ensure that carrying rods on a motorcycle is not against the law.

What Are Fishing Rod Holders For Motorcycles?

Fishing rod holders for motorcycles are devices that help you hold your fishing rod in place on a motorcycle. 

Like fishing rods, rod holders are available in different designs, colors, and prices. They have different rack numbers based on the model. 

Some popular fishing rod holders and their prices are:

The manufacturer of this rod holder uses a cradle that can hold any reel in place. It is available in three different colors; Black, Grey, and White.

Also, you can rotate it at a 360° angle and adjust it up and down. The prices vary between $22.99 and $23.96 based on the color.

This rod holder is spinning rods with handles less than 1 ¼ width. However,  this device is unsuitable for baitcast rods, spincast rods, and rods with fighting butts. It is only available in black and can hold just one rod.

Also, you can rotate the rod holder at a 360° angle and mount it on various parts of your bike. For instance, the seat stay, the axle, or even the chainstay. The rod is available for $29.36 

If you are looking for a rod holder made from eco-friendly material, this rod holder by HLOGREE is an excellent choice. 

The tool comes with bungee cords made with high elastic rubber.

Also, there is a slit in front of this $ 24.99-rod holder. The slit makes your reel sit well when placing your rod inside the rod holder.

The TIHOOD rod rack is available at $13.99. The rack is quite easy to install and remove. You can get it in white and black colors.

Also, this rack is eco-friendly and made from ABS plastic.

You can also make your fishing rod holder for your motorcycle yourself. To make a simple DIY rod holder:

  1. Get a PVC pipe with about 1-½ to 1-¼ diameter. The pipe should be wider than the width of your rod handle.
  1. Make a couple of small holes in the PVC pipe. 
  1. Depending on the number of holes you make, insert some cable ties through the holes.
  1. Then attach the rod to a suitable part of the motorcycle and tie the cable ties.

These fishing rod holders are great for carrying your fishing rod on the motorcycle.

How To Attach A Fishing Rod Holder To Your Bike?

You can attach a fishing rod to your bag with several methods. Two of these methods are:

Method one – Attaching the rod to the frame of the bike’s pannier

Attaching a rod to the bike’s pannier is quite common among many anglers using a bike. A pannier is a kind of bike box usually attached to the rear side of the bike. Pannier makes carrying the extra load easier. 

To attach a fishing rod to your pannier,

  1. Get a bike pannier if you do not own one. You should get one that will make it easier to fix a fishing rod holder.
  1. Then take the rod apart if the rod is collapsible. Remove each separate section of the rod at the ferrule point.
  1. Tie the rod together. You can use a fishing rod belt or rubber bands to keep the rod together.
  1. Attach a rod holder to the frame of the pannier. You can purchase a rod holder in a fishing gear store or make yours yourself. Keep the rod holder in an upright vertical position.
  1. Put the rod inside the rod holder and secure the rod in place with bungee cords.

Method two – Attaching the rod to the top tube of the bike

You can also attach a rod holder to the bike’s top tube. The top tube is the area of the bike’s frame that starts from the head tube to the seat tube. 

To attach your rod to the top tube, set the rod to the top tube. Then secure the rod in place.

You can attach the fishing rod directly to the bike without a rod holder or cover. However, your rod guides may be exposed to damage. So it is better to use a rod holder or a PVC pipe. 

Check out more on how to carry a fishing rod on a bike.

How Do You Secure A Rod In A Fishing Rod Holder?

One of the best ways to secure a rod in a fishing rod holder is to use bungee cords. Locate the part where the fishing rod is likely to fall from. Then take a bungee cord and strap it around the rod holder, the rod, and the part of the bike where you secure the rod to.

If the bungee cord is not long enough,  you can use two. Simply hook the two cords together at one end and secure the rod in place. 

Once the rod is firmly in place, you can rest assured that it will not fall when moving your bike. 

To be on the safer side, you can test the firmness of the rod. Slightly pull the rod in the direction it can fall from. If the rod remains in place, then you are good to go.


Fishing rods are pretty fragile. Therefore, it is important to be careful when carrying the rods on a motorcycle. 

Before moving the motorcycle, ensure that the rod is well fitted and that there are no chances for the rod to slip off.

Also, do not forget to look into your local laws to be sure if the regulations permit fishing rods on a motorcycle.